Dr. Rosann M. Catalano

Dr. Catalano joined the staff of the Institute for Islamic, Christian, and Jewish Studies in January 1994 where she has served as its Roman Catholic Scholar and Associate Director. She currently serves as Staff Scholar.

Dr. Catalano’s research has focused on the theology of God and the poetry of suffering in the Book of Psalms, on the complex relationship between prayer and suffering, and on the dynamic interplay of emerging Christianity and rabbinic Judaism in the first century of the Common Era.

Sacred Spaces Documentary

Sacred Spaces: Reclaiming the Center, Vol. II Documentary

ICJS 25th Anniversary Celebration Speech

Now, in our time, we are being confronted by new questions and new challenges

Issues of Biblical Authority: A Roman Catholic Theological Perspective

In this reflection on Catholicism and biblical authority, Dr. Catalano asks readers to explore the extent to which the Bible holds authority in our lives as religious practitioners in modern America. She also explores the question of biblical authority from the perspective of the Roman Catholic tradition. The following was written for Reclaiming the Center's volume one and can be found on pages 118-132 of that volume.