Dr. Homayra Ziad

The ICJS welcomes Dr. Homayra Ziad, the summer 2013 Visiting Scholar of Islam

Realizing that the Abrahamic relationship is paradigmatic for understanding both the possibilities of religious pluralism and the dangers of religious conflict, ignorance, and misunderstanding, the ICJS is launching Abraham’s Children, an adult educational curriculum that guides Jews, Christians, and Muslims in interreligious dialogue. As the Visiting Scholar of Islam Dr. Ziad is assisting in the development of the Abraham’s Children curriculum, as well as working with the staff during her residence at the ICJS.

Dr. Ziad is Assistant Professor of Religion at Trinity College, where she teaches courses on Islam. Her scholarly interests include Sufi theory and practice, theologies of pluralism, Qur’anic studies, and religion and humor. She is deeply involved in interfaith initiatives and educational outreach on faith. 


Dr. Ziad is helping to construct curriculm for the Abraham's Children program.