Getting Started

There are many ways to support the ICJS. We appreciate the commitment the community has shown us, both financially and through program participation.

The ICJS has spent over 27 years developing unique tools to push these boundaries, believing that our constitutions are actually improved by robust and lively debates about the controversies of our time.

Why Now


What was once seen as impossible is now imperative. As novel ways are sought to relieve today’s widespread socio-political and religious distress, the ICJS’ unique text-based approach to interfaith study and dialogue is more relevant and urgent than ever. 

Religion continues to ignite conflict, incite violence and enflame rhetoric. The ICJS seeks to disarm this hatred by confronting religious sources of misunderstanding, and by developing resources within our respective communities that inspire us to honor the legitimacy and distinctiveness of the 'religious other'. The challenges ahead call for us to communicate effectively in the midst of disagreements. To address these needs, we are developing and deploying innovative educational programs to:

  • Engage the next generation of clergy, educators and leaders.
  • Direct careful and sustained attention to Islam.
  • Address the growing divide between secular and religious people.
  • Rethink the role of religion in the public square.